September Rain

The weather here on the south coast of the UK has been very changeable lately but with a definite cooling as we progress through September. My morning ferry commute has transitioned from the sun deck to indoors while watching the grey clouds outside.

It has been really cosy and perfect for knitting on my commute as we power through the waves.

Meanwhile the strawberries are doing there best before summer disappears completely. Yum!

Michelle from The Loveliest Yarn Company has been running Stash Smash this September through her Facebook group. The aim is to identify all your projects and organise your stash in order to enjoy your knitting and refresh your memory of what you already own. If you’re interested, it will run to the end of September (link here). It’s a great way to get back into knitting and a reminder of all the goodies you already have or have forgotten!

My main goal for has been to finally finish the Jaycee Cardigan for my Mum. I’m knitting it in Darnie from Studio Donegal in a lovely mustard colour with nips of colour that naturally occurs in the yarn. It’s a 4 ply but feels like it will be lovely and warm in winter. I just have half a sleeve and a button band to go!

Next step will be to go through my stash – wish me luck! What are you knitting at the moment?


Beginner weaving

I have had a small sample size rigid heddle loom for around 2 years that is small enough it can sit on my desk and not get in the way. A rigid heddle loom is the most simple loom you can buy. It has a solid ‘heddle’ with holes at regular interval through which the warp runs. The threads are split 50/50 so half of them are always either up or down and they can be swapped by moving the heddle up or down. Does that make sense?

As the name suggests, this little loom is perfect for sampling for larger projects and is just big enough to make mug mats. It ended up gathering dust for the past year because I wasn’t sure what else to do with it. I didn’t have a loom I could then make a larger project with after all this sampling and couldn’t work out what else to do with it.

Finally last November I was lucky enough to receive an 80 cm rigid heddle loom for my birthday. At last! Then work took over and I looked at it longingly every time I walked through the dining room.

As part of my move across the south coast I knew I needed to go through everything and get rid of as much as possible. At one point I went through my magazines and ended up reading a few Interweave magazines. And spotted a simple shawl made from gradient 4ply sock weight yarn with mohair as the weft. I knew I wanted to make it!

I ordered a skein of Schjeepjes … which is a 200g gradient in blues and warped it on.

It has sat on the table for a month waiting to be worked on… to be continued!

Once Upon a Sock

Once Upon a Sock – September

Once a month Paula from the Spin a Yarn blog (blog here) posts a link party all to do with socks! All you have to do is write a post about the socks you’re working on or thinking about starting and add your link to the page. More information can be found at the link to Paula’s blog above.

I can safely say I haven’t knit a single stitch on socks all summer! It’s just been too hot to knit in general. However, as we’ve moved gently into September I have found myself picking up various projects and wanting to knit a few stitches on them again.

I have 3 sock WIPs at the moment ( that I could find, you never know there may be more) which I’m keen to continue:

One sock is done and I’m not far off the heel for the second sock. I k it my socks on 2mm circular needles. These are on Hiya Hiya sharps although I’m not a huge fan – a bit too sharp for me and my poor fingers. The yarn is by West Yorkshire Spinners in Pink Flamingo. Started February 2018. (Ravelry project page).

Only one sock for this one! Christmas socks started December 2017. This is West Yorkshire Spinners 2017 Christmas colourway but I can’t find the original name. Cuff is in Cayenne Pepper. (No Ravelry page yet).

And possibly my oldest WIP:

My first ever sock. Again the second sock is at the heel, I think the thought of heels makes me put sock projects down and avoid them for a while. These are from December 2016 when I first started knitting. A little bit of nostalgia there! (Ravelry page).

Once these are completed I would like to try some new types of heel, toe up socks and more complex patterns. Possibly from the Helen Stuart sock club this year.

Have you tried socks? What are you knitting at the moment?


September already?!

How have we got through two thirds of the year already? My creativity has fluctuated this year according to my work and free time.

I tried to start a Bullet Journal and managed January and February before it disappeared. I think partly because of lack of time and partly because I’m happy just to write a quick list. The only bit I’d like to keep is the front page to help separate the months in my notebook. So I’m trying again for September:

September BuJo

Just a few leaves and a title to begin the month. And then back to quick lists!


Fibre East 2019

Although this happened two weeks ago, I wanted to put up a quick post of my Fibre East experience. In the last two weeks I have packed up all my things and moved across the UK to live with my boyfriend and start a new job. Exciting times! But onto the fibre festival:

I didn’t have a full day to explore Fibre East and I think you definitely need a good few hours to see every nook and cranny of this place. Set in a school in Hertfordshire, just north of London, Fibre East keeps growing. I last went two years ago and I think it has at least doubled in size since then.

Entry costs £10 and you’re provided with a map of the place. You will need this as the stalls are spread out in different halls and buildings around the school.

The first building I entered had various guilds and societies from the local area including the knitting’s and crochet guild with a table covered in knitted and crocheted items. Just look at these mice!

Then there was the Northants Guild of Weavers, Spinners and Dyers.

They had an amazing stall displaying naturally dyed yarn and lots of different looms with samples on them. You could even try weaving yourself! It’s inspired me to have another try at weaving and attend my local guild in Winchester.

Another interesting stall was from British Wool. There were huge wraps of wool in boxes, on tables and hanging from coat racks.

Unfortunately because this was a few weeks ago I can’t remember all of the stall holders whose booths I photographed. One of those moments you’re sure you’ll remember all of them!

Although you can’t help but recognise the John Arbon area. Walls of colour in either fibre or yarn. With beautiful samples.

I’m trying to make a conscious effort this year to save money and not buy random skeins. I loved the jumper above but I don’t think the colours were quite right. I wandered away to think about it and spotted another jumper I couldn’t walk away from. This is from Wensleydale Longwool yarns. Sadly their shop was flooded in the recent flash floods in the north of England. The ladies running the stall were delightful and I hope not too much of their stock was damaged.

I instantly bought the kit which was my single purchase from the show. The colours stand out enough to see the colour work but blend together beautifully from a distance.

A few other things I want to buy in the future are some yarn from Shropshire Ply:

This specific red from Skein Queen that caught my eye and wouldn’t let go:

And this jumper in Aran weight yarn. The design is Brookins by Olive Knits and the yarn is from Sherwood Yarn (thumb helpfully over the website!).

And finally all of the colours from Triskelion Yarns!

It was a great day of wandering around, chatting to stall holders and hearing the story behind their yarn. I can’t wait to buy more skeins once I’ve put a dent in my current stash!

Did you go to Fibre East?

Have a great week x


Summer knitting

The weather has turned a corner and is absolutely glorious. The tourists are filling up the sea front and filling up on chips and ice cream.

On my days off I have been walking around the corner from my flat to this view:

And having my morning coffee.

I finally finished the wedding shawl for my best friend and only took one photo! On the blocking mats as well. Hopefully more photos will appear soon from my friend.

One or two people have mentioned it looks a bit like a manta ray.

Now it’s done I’m picking up previous projects such as a small blanket for my cousin:

And the cardigan for my Mums birthday (which was last September….)

No photos just yet although the local stray cat approves of the yarn.

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend! X


Craft Events

Welcome to the events page! Below is a list of all the events I have found so far and will keep adding as I find them. I hope this helps you find the perfect event for you!


4-5 Knit and Stitch Show, Penrith, Cumbria

11-12 Buxton Wool Gathering, Buxton, Derbyshire

8-12 London Craft Week, London

18-19 Wool @ Junction 13, Staffordshire

25 Festiwool, Watford, Hertfordshire

25-26 Festiwool, Hertfordshire County Show

27 Shipston Wool Fair, Shipston-on-Stour, Warwickshire


1 Leeds Wool Festival, Leeds

9 World Wide Knit in Public Day, everywhere!

9 Aberdeen Yarn Festival, Aberdeen

7-9 The Contemporary Craft Festival, Devon

14-15 Woollinn, Dublin, Ireland

15-16 The Wool Monty, Sheffield

28-29 Woolfest, Cockermouth, Cumbria


13-14 Yarningham, Birmingham

17-21 Super Summer Knit Together, Nashville, Tennessee, USA

27-28 Fibre East, Bedford


2-4 Woolness Festival, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne

3 Yarnfolk Festival, Whitehead, Northern Ireland

9-10 British Wool Show, York, Yorkshire

16-17 Ewefest, Dundee

24 Wool at Portsoy, Portsoy

31-1 Southern Wool Show, Berkshire

Internationwool, Anglesey, 2020


Great London Yarn Crawl, London

7-8 Cornish Festival of Yarn, Penzance, Cornwall

7-8 Perth Festival of Yarn, Perth

13-15 The Handmade Fair, Hampton Court, Surrey

28-29 Yarndale, Skipton, Yorkshire

28-6 Shetland Wool Week, Shetland


5-6 Knit City, Vancouver, Canada

5-6 Masham Sheep Fair, Masham, Yorkshire

10-13 The Knitting and Stitching Show, Alexandra Palace, London

12-13 The Bakewell Wool Gathering, Derbyshire

19-20 Rhinebeck Sheep and Wool Festival, New York, USA

16-20 The Lochness Knit Festival, Lochness

24-27 MADE, Marylebone, London

26-27 The Big Textile Show, Leicester

26-27 The Kendal Wool Gathering, Kendal Cumbria


2-3 Yarnporium, London

2-3 Stitch Fest Southwest, Totnes, Devon

9 Festiwool, Hitchin, Bedfordshire

7-10 The Knitting and Stitching Show, Dublin, Ireland

17 Nottingham Yarn Expo, Nottingham

The Knitting and Stitching Show, Harrogate, Yorkshire

22-23 MADE, Brighton

30-1 MADE, St. Mary’s, London

30-1 Brighton Art Fair, Lewes, West Sussex




20 Waltham Abbey Wool Show, Essex


21-23 Unravel, Farnham, Surrey

27-1 The Spring Knitting and Stitching Show, London


Cornwoolly, Redruth, Cornwall

Edinburgh Yarn Festival, Edinburgh, returning 2021

28-31 MADE, Canary Wharf, London


Spring into Wool, Leeds, dates tbc

Wonderwool Wales, Builth Wells, dates tbc